A Former Tesla Employee Designed A Hangover Cure, We Tried It And Are Actually Really Surprised

Sure, just one more drink…

Cold bathroom floor, bright, bright lights

Never drink again

Oh the “Night Out” Haiku. It should bring back tons of memories, or should I say regrets. We’ve all pushed it a little further than we should have and paid the price for it the next day. We are ready to admit we’ll never learn our lesson, so hangovers just come with the territory.

What if they don’t have to?

There’s an actual cure to the hangover, and I’m not talking about the Black Magic stuff your best friend from high school swears by.

Morning Recovery is a liquid vitamin supplement that you take before your night-out ends. They say you’ll wake up feeling refreshed with no lingering hangover effects. They have science on their side but even still, that’s a big claim. Well we put it to the test.

Business Insider

We gathered our brightest minds (and toughest livers) to go out, get drunk and then try out Morning Recovery. The mission was simple: give this wonder drug a real challenge, and boy did we ever.

But did Morning Recovery deliver?

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