9 Facts About Michael Weatherly You Did Not Di-Know-Zo

Before he was Dr. Jason Bull on CBS’s new show, Bull, Michael Weatherly was stealing our hearts as Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS. For 15 years, we watched as DiNozzo matured and grew into a man on one of television’s longest running series. But how much do you know about Weatherly, himself?

Weatherly has been playing piano and guitar since he was a young child. He used to play the guitar in subway stations when he first moved to Los Angeles as a way to earn money when he was a struggling actor. Weatherly became a legitimate recording artist when he provided the songs “Bitter and Blue” and “Under the Sun” on the two soundtracks for NCIS.

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In 1979, Weatherly joined the official Bond fan club at the age of 11. He’s been openly passionate about his love of the franchise over the years and when Daniel Craig announced he would not be returning as 007, Weatherly’s fans started a social media campaign to have him selected as the actor for the vacant role. They were unsuccessful, but their efforts were not unappreciated.

Weatherly grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, and attended the prestigious Fairfield Country Day School. He then graduated from Brooks School in Massachusetts. Weatherly attended Boston University, Menlo College, and American University, but ultimately decided to drop out and pursue acting full-time. Seems like that worked out for him!

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Though we know and love him as Anthony DiNozzo, not everyone does. Weatherly recalls a time when he was mistaken for Sean Patrick Flanery (from Boondock Saints) at a restaurant in Vancouver.

“[It was ] in Planet Hollywood, Vancouver, 1998. And they were like, ‘What are you having?’ I’m like, ‘hamburger, bottle of wine, french fries, calamari, maybe a salad and, can I have a friend come?’ Cause I had feeling it was going to be free, and you know what? Thank you, Sean Patrick Flanery. Free lunch.”

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