85-Year-Old Grandmother Survives Being Trapped In Her Car For 5 Days With Her Cat

If you were stranded in a car for five days, how do you think you would survive? Ruby Stein, an 85-year-old grandmother, had to figure it out when she got stuck on her way home from visiting her granddaughter in Colorado.

Stein had been travelling home when she took a wrong turn, getting her car stuck on a snowy and muddy road. She was lost in the mountains without anyone to help her, and even though she had a cellphone it wasn’t working.


She had to think fast if she was going to survive. The temperatures dipped below freezing and she was going to have to do everything she could to stay alive. She also had to worry about her cat, Nikki, who had been in the car with her. The two of them managed to make it five days in the mountains before anyone found them, but how did they survive?

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