80-Year-Old Grandmother Saves Man From Thieving Scooter Gang

An 80-year-old grandmother saved a man from an attempted robbery after she saw a scooter gang chase after him.

Rosemary Bodger, who had been doing her grocery shopping in Crouch End, England intervened in the bike jacking by trying to yank the scooter away while the would-be thieves were scuffling with their victim, the Evening Standard reported.

It wouldn’t be long until a businessman in a suit came to their defense, along with two construction workers who ran after the culprits while brandishing copper poles in their hands.

“I didn’t think twice. I don’t run away. I was in the Wrens (Women’s Royal Naval Service) and I thought “no way are they having that!”

“I saw this man being chased right near me and I thought “oh crumbs I better do something. I started shouting ‘police!’ as loud as I could. I wanted to stop them moving it, they would have had to run over me to get it away,” she added.

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