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6 Skin Conditions You Might Mistake For Something Else, And How You Can Treat Them

As you age, dealing with newfound skin conditions and issues can often be a recurring problem. However, did you know that sometimes what you’re confident you’re suffering from could actually be entirely different?

Here are 6 skin conditions that you may want to consult a professional on, because otherwise they could be very easy to misinterpret as something else.


Often misdiagnosed as acne or a skin rash, roacea is a condition that causes pus-filled bumps to rise up in the central part of your face.

Unlike acne or blackheads, rosacea is purely red, and is actually triggered by extreme temperatures, diet changes, and stress. There is no cure for it, but there are ways to keep it controlled.


Convinced that the flakes falling from your scalp are just dandruff and you need to change up your shampoo? Hold that thought, because you might actually be suffering from psoriasis on your scalp, especially if you’re prone to it in other places.

No matter where you get it, psoriasis manifests as dry, flaky skin that can often feel quite rough. Fortunately, there are treatments for it that can be prescribed by a dermatologist.


Another condition that sometimes gets written off as simply being acne, milia cysts are tiny white bumps that can appear on the nose and cheeks. They’re caused by an excess amount of the protein keratin getting trapped under the skin, and are most common in newborns.

Milia will simply go away with time, but if they become uncomfortable, there are treatments available through a doctor.

These next few conditions are often misdiagnosed…

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