5 Ways You Can Actually Get Your Dog To Help Around The House

The dream for every dog owner is that their sweet and precious pup finally picks up the slack and helps out around the house. Sure, their job is to look cute and love us unconditionally, which they obviously do, but wouldn’t it be nice if they would start vacuuming or doing the dishes?

Well apparently some dog owners are more clever than the rest of us, because they’ve actually figured out how to get their dogs to help around the house with a few canine-friendly chores. Here are some of the genius tricks that some dogs have learned to do that you might be able to teach your dogs as well.

Trying to wake everyone up in the morning is a hassle. Somehow they always manage to sleep through their alarms, and it becomes your fault that they aren’t up. Well, now you can just send the dog! You just need to teach your dog how to identify all the people in your home, and if you can get them to learn the command “go find [person’s name]” then you are all set!

Start by getting them to find the people all in the same room, then slowly put them further apart. Eventually you can have everyone in different rooms and your dog will still go running to find their friends, hopefully dragging them out of bed in the process.

We lose it daily, so wouldn’t it be nice if our dogs could just find it for us? The remote seems to always end up in the strangest of places, but if you can teach your dog to either “find” or “touch” or “pick up” then you might be in luck. Getting them to learn what a remote is might take some practice, but imagine how useful this would really be?

Those aren’t the only things we can teach out dogs…

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