5 Surprisingly Simple Pressure Points That Get Rid Of Annoying Aches And Pains

Anyone who has ever experienced a soothing massage at the hands of an experienced therapist will tell you that it can be extremely soothing.

While getting weekly massages would do wonders for our bodies, it’s not always a practical expense.

But learning these specific acupressure techniques could drastically reduce a lot of the common discomforts we all experience in our daily lives.

Simply follow these directions for instant relief:


To relieve abdominal pain, Chinese medicine advises you release the stagnant qi energy by gently, yet firmly pressing a finger into the pressure point on the outside of your leg, just below your knee.

Place three fingers in a row just beneath where your kneecap ends. Beneath your third finger will be the pressure point. Apply firm pressure in circular motions for 1-4 minutes.

Repeat on the opposite side if you wish.


Quick Tip For Tired Eyes:

Try this: place a finger between your two eyebrows where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead.

Gently apply pressure and hold for 1 minute. This technique relieves eye strain, improves concentration and eases headaches.

Now try this next technique to relieve lower back pain!

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