5 Reasons Why Giving Your Dog Catnip Is The Best Thing You Could Do For It

If you have a feline friend, you most likely have a space in your cupboard for their beloved catnip. While you’re aware it gives an energetic boost to your cat, many people don’t know it has a positive effect on dogs as well.

Here are five reasons your dog would benefit from a little whiff of catnip.

Despite acting as a stimulant to your feline friends, catnip creates the opposite effect on dogs. The herb acts as a mild sedative and calms your dog down by reducing their anxiety in stressful situations. It’s a good reminder for the next time your pooch has a date with their veterinarian.

If your dog has bladder problems, catnip may just be the simple solution you need. When turned into an oil, the liquefied plant will cause your dog to urinate by acting as a diuretic. It releases your pet’s body of excess water, toxins, or waste from colds or allergies.

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