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30 Hilarious Times Celebrities Randomly Appeared In Someone’s Photo

You know when you’re trying to take that perfect picture and then some super famous celebrity comes and ruins it?

Okay, maybe you don’t, and neither do I.

But these people have quite an interesting camera roll..

1. Right when these two Australian hockey players were taking a selfie at the Commonwealth Games, Queen Elizabeth II popped herself into the picture. You’ve gotta love that smile!

2. Nicholas Cage flying economy class is probably more interesting than this photo he wasn’t ready for.

3. I think I would have the same (bodily) reaction if I met the great Bruce Almighty actor.

4. That’s Kevin Spacey photobombing a woman while out jogging in Boston.

5. Rihanna’s face says it all…

6. This is Scrubs actor Zach Braff casually walking past a couple’s wedding photo. I really hope the married couple chose to display this image in their home.

7. Here’s Bryan Cranston photobombing Ty Burnell while he’s posing for a fan photo. I love how he looks back.

8. David Hasselhoff just couldn’t resist being part of this selfie.

9. This little girl looked down at the wrong moment. She’ll definitely laugh when she sees this photo with the former president!

10. Imagine trying to rest after a long flight and being woken up by Justin Beiber.

You’ll be laughing until you cry when you see these next celebrity photobombs…

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