20 Pet Owners Who Look Like The Human Version Of Their Animal

You’ve definitely noticed this before, whether you’re walking in a park or visiting a friend’s house, that pets tend to look like their owners. This resemblance could be attributed to similar facial structure, hair, eyes, facial expression, or body shape.

But why do people choose pets that look similar to themselves?

Experts believe this happens because we like to choose pets that better blend into our family. This process of choosing by familiarity is not uncommon, but there are some pets and their owners that look eerily similar.

Here are 20 hilarious photos of pets who look like the animal version of their owners.

20. The resemblance is uncanny.

19. They both have heterochromia.

18. Both smiles are adorable.

17. Their hair is quite similar.

16. Mustache twins!

15. Pudgy buddies!

14. How is this possible…

13. They even have matching hair accessories.

12. Again, how is this possible …. They look so similar!

11. Look at the similarity between their eyes and their wavy hair.

These next 10 are adorable!

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