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20 Halloween Pet Costumes That Are So Adorable That You’ll Melt Inside

Facebook – Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Owning a dog can be one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences a person can have, but sometimes it can become a little bit more difficult.While most of us love our dogs and want to keep them for all their life, occasionally something happens that makes it impossible to continue to care for them. And this is why animal shelters are there to accept your pets and find new homes for them. One

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Indi Samarajiva – Flickr

Part of being a dog owner is learning the ins and outs of your dog’s bizarre behavior.Why do they only play with chew toys in primary colors? Why do they ask to be let outside, then whine to come back in seconds later?But the most mysterious habit of all is the spin many owners notice their dogs do before going to the bathroom. What’s up with that?   And why do they make

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Youtube / CBS Philly

When you think of a national park, chances are you imagine lots of animals living there. Whether it’s the birds in the trees, the fish in the water, or the deer jumping through a field, we all know the the animal population is very prominent. In Olympic National Park in Washington state’s Olympic Pennisula is dealing with a strange challenge regarding their mountain goat population. We all know that mountain goats are incredible climbers, but

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comment_sniffer – Reddit / Omny – Imgur

We know this is the last thing a woman who has given birth wants to hear, but it could have been worse.Take elephants for example: an expecting pachyderm mom will carry her baby for an average of 95 weeks – the longest pregnancy of any mammal.But some critters don’t have it so bad. A possum mother spends just 12 days in pregnancy before giving birth (that’s the shortest gestation period for a mammal)

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Todd Cameron – Facebook

Sometimes in life, the only way to experience things properly is to dive right in.    In that spirit, we present these hilariously glamorous maternity photos, which come courtesy of Todd Cameron from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.Todd Cameron – FacebookCameron and his pregnant wife, Nicole, were posing for maternity photos in a scenic pumpkin patch when…Well, you really have to experience the whole thing through their photos:Warning: these pictures get pretty

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We often hear from our paranoid friends and family members that the rise in certain diseases, like cancer, is because we are constantly surrounded by toxins, be it in the air we breathe or in the food and beverages we consume. Well, if you’re in Houston, Texas, then maybe you should finally start to heed their warnings because there is definitely something in the water that you do not want in your body. Scientists have

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