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20 Facts About Wendy Williams That Deserve Their Own “Hot Topics” Segment

You may have never watched her show, but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have definitely heard or read about daytime talk show host Wendy Williams.

The statuesque self-proclaimed Queen of Media has been actively working in the media industry for over three decades, and has grown into one of the most notorious television personalities.

While audiences might think they know all the hot and not-so-hot topics about the host, there’s actually a lot more to Wendy than we see on TV and in the tabloids.

Here are 20 things you didn’t know about Wendy that could be on her show’s “Hot Topics” segment.

Prior to landing her own self-titled talk show, Wendy captivated listeners as a radio DJ for several stations, including WVIS-FM in the U.S. Virgin Islands, New York’s Hot 97, and Philadelphia’s Power 99 FM.  

She was known as a “shock jockette” because of her tendency to discuss controversial topics on air, including celebrity scandals, drug addiction, and plastic surgery.

Wendy Williams at a radio station
The New York Times

After nearly 20 years in radio, Wendy left in 2009 to focus on her TV show, and spend time with her family.

“Pop radio has an expiration date. I knew that I couldn’t do pop radio as I got older,” Wendy explained to Cuisine Noir magazine. “I had to have a plan to exit radio. I’d been planning my exit since 1993.”

In 2010, she was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Wendy Williams in Chicago on Broadway
Broadway Black

In spring 2013, the candid host announced that she would be making her Broadway debut. Her seven-week stint as Matron “Mama” Morton in the revival of the Tony award-winning musical Chicago began on July 2nd that same year.

Wendy’s performance was met with positive reactions, but she later called the experience the “most difficult thing I’ve ever done.”

When it comes to food, as long as it isn’t slimy like okra, Wendy says she will gobble it up.

Wendy Williams eating
People/Mathew Cole Weiss

Her diet has changed in recent years, but she once told Us Weekly that she especially loves liver, and will even eat it for breakfast.

“What’s not to like,” she said in another interview. “It’s economically priced. Put on a few dollops of liquid smoke. Chop up some onions. Braise it with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on both sides. Let the bottom sit in gravy or barbecue sauce. Good eating.”

If you’ve watched episodes of Wendy’s talk show, then you know that she loves fashion.

Wendy Williams wearing a green robe
Daily Mail

While the controversial TV host loves dressing up, robes are her favorite things to wear, she admitted to ABC. She owns more than 20 robes, and has no qualms with wearing the fancy ones in public.

“I’m the robe lady,” she said. “There’s a robe for every occasion. I will wear my robe to Walgreens… If you have a nice robe, why not?”

Wendy Williams
Daily Mail

One of the lesser known facts about Wendy is that she was born with 11 fingers.

The two-time Emmy nominee had an extra finger on one of her hands, but her parents had it removed.

“I was born with 6th finger on my left hand…now I wish my parents hadn’t removed!!” she tweeted back in 2013.

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