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20 Celebrities Who Can’t Hide Their Embarrassing Tattoos

Tattoos are a life commitment, unless you want to spend a lot of money trying to remove it.

These actors could definitely afford getting their skin back to its original pigment, but for some of them it’s just easier to pretend the tattoo is not there.

They can go pretending all they want, we can see these tattoos, and we have a lot of opinions about them.

After receiving a lot of hate for his colorful phoenix tattoo in 2015, the actor told reporters that it was “fake for a movie.”

In 2018, he was photographed with the exact same tattoo. In the photo above, it looks like he’s rushing to get out of the water and clothe himself.

Love makes you do crazy things. Crazy like spending half a day tattooing your wife’s face on your chest, and then divorcing her not too long after.

“On Valentine’s Day that year I said I’m going to save the marriage and got a twelve-hour tattoo of her face on my chest,” the comedian admitted to TMZ. “Stupidest thing I ever did.”

When the television personality revealed she’s hiding a secret tattoo, we were all dying to know where. It turned out to be inside her bottom lip.

She chose to tattoo “meow” there so that she would say she has a tattoo on her face.

We’ve seen numerous tattoos of The Voice coach over the years, but the strangest tattoo of them all is the mermaid inked on his back.

Well, the tattoo apparently started out as a mermaid before it turned into something spine-chilling.

I know what you’re thinking: Why does the actress have small pieces of wood tattooed on her neck.

Actually, the tattoo is the number nine spelled out. Whoever inked her needs to stay away from kindergarten stencils.

Longoria got this tattoo when she married Tony Parker, the professional basketball player who was number nine on his city’s team. When they got divorced, she had the tattoo removed.

The tattoos just get worse from here…

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