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13 Rare And Unusual Cat Breeds To Fall In Love With

In a world that’s split straight down the middle between cat people and dog people, I confess that I can’t pick a side.

I’ve never actually owned a cat – just a lot of dogs – but it’s always been one of my dreams.

And when you obsess over cat pictures on the internet as much as I do, you come across some very odd breeds.

While we think of housecats as being “all the same,” there are actually some unusual and striking breeds out there.

Purrfect Cat Breeds

Who’s this skinny fellow with the big eyes?

The Peterbald is actually a mix between Oriental Shorthairs and hairless cats.

They come in a variety of hair lengths, but usually have a dusting of fuzzy fur over their faces and legs.

Their other unusual trait is their feet – which have webbed toes perfect for picking up objects and opening doors.

American Curl
Nikolas Titkov – Wikimedia

These curious cats have long tails but short, Mickey Mouse-style ears.

A cat with a genetic mutation was bred with other felines to create this striking and strange breed.

Curls are actually born with straight ears, which twist in the first days after they’re born.

Selkirk Rex

Sometimes called “sheep cats,” the Selkirk Rex is famous for its soft curly hair.

There are a handful of other curly-haired cat breeds (including ones on this list) but the Selkirk is unusual for its long, full coat.

No, it’s not a perm, they really look like this.

Japanese Bobtail
Jonik – Wikimedia

Hmmm…. something’s missing…

This cat breed with a rabbit-like short tail is famous in Japan, and has appeared in the country’s traditional art for centuries.

The iconic statues of cats with their paws up – which you’ll often find in Japanese restaurants – represent the bobtail.

Bengal cat
bengalthor – Instagram

This striking cat breed is a combination of the Asian leopard cat with common housecats.

While it has spots like a leopard and stripes like a tiger, the Bengal is still friendly and playful.

Along with their fur, Bengals are well-known for their bright green eyes and their habit of “chatting” with their owners.

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