11-Year-Old Girl Scout’s Quick Thinking Saved Her Dad’s Life While On Camping Trip

An 11-year-old Girl Scout is being called a hero after she managed to save her own father’s life. Sylvie Mider will be honored with the National Lifesaving Award Medal of Honor from the Girl Scouts after her quick thinking helped make sure that her father would survive.

Mider was camping with her father when the incident occurred. They went fishing, hiking, and had spent their evening making s’mores. It was at 2:30 am when Mider woke up and noticed something was wrong.

Her dad was still awake, and he was moving around the camp site in an unusual way. “I said, ‘Hey, Dad, are you OK’ and he said he was fine,” Mider explained. Even though her father said he was doing alright, Mider didn’t believe him. She asked him what he was doing awake at that time of night but he couldn’t remember.

His disorientation and confusion made her realize something was wrong, and so she knew she needed to act fast…

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