10 Things You Should Check Off Of Your New Year’s To-Do List

It’s hard to believe that another year has already come and gone! To think that we were welcoming 2017 not too long ago, and now here we are about to greet 2018.

We all want to put our best foot forward and make sure we begin the new year right, and that means checking off a lot of items on our yearly to-do list!

You may be dreading this one, but there’s a reason that most people put down exercise as their top new year’s resolution. We really don’t get enough of it in our day-to-day lives, but the biggest mistake you can make is trying to bite off more than you can chew right away!

There’s no need to start lifting weights, running marathons, or even getting a gym membership for that matter! If you start off with drastic changes, then you’ll find you’ll stop just as quickly somewhere down the line.

Don’t fall for it this year, just try adding a walk to your weekly schedule and go from there!

Yep, this one is high on the list as well, When’s the last time you went to the doctor for, well, anything?

Obviously, you don’t need to get a whole physical done, or any other expensive procedures, but if you have been holding off on checking out that one symptom that hasn’t gone away, just get it out of the way now.

This goes for both kids and pets! Kids will often whine about little things that aren’t important, bu will ignore things that we know to be serious, like a persistent cough. Talk to your kids about how they have been feeling lately, and then take them to the doctor to really see how they are doing.

The same goes for pets. They can’t just tell us when something isn’t right, so we have to be vigilant for them!

This may be even more painful than going to the doctors, but you’ve just gotta do it.

Part of being a responsible adult is being aware of your financial situation, so pull up your credit score and see how badly you’re in the hole. Who knows, maybe it isn’t as bad as you thought!

Here’s one thing you may not have realized to do! Check out your hot water heater, and if necessary, drain it. You should be checking in on it every six months, and draining it at least every 12.

Draining it allows the tank to be cleansed of debris, helping it to last longer. Unsure of where to start? Check the tank! There’s usually instructions on how to do all of this on there.

There’s plenty more check-ups for yourself and your home on the next page. Check it out to stay in control!

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